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Post by Glen211 » 12 November 2018, 19:29

I would like to see the board game called Reef on BGA. It would be a great addition. I hope it's possible.

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Re: Reef

Post by sourisdudesert » 12 November 2018, 19:32


thank you all for your game suggestions.

In order to publish a game on BGA we need 2 things:
_ The authorization of the digital rights owner for the game (most of the time, the original publisher).
_ A software developer volunteering the time and skills needed to build an online version of the game.

So if you are asking yourself why one of your favourite games is not yet available on BGA, it could be for various reasons:
_ We never asked an authorization for this game in the first place (of course if the game is popular, there is a good chance that we asked).
_ The publisher didn't reply or refused to grant his authorization, temporarily or definitively.
_ The publisher accepted, but we haven't found a volunteer developer yet for this game, or the development is currently ongoing.
_ The game adaptation is ready, but we are waiting for a specific time or event to release it.

If you just want to suggest a new game for BGA: the best way to help us to have this game on BGA is not to write to us, but to write to this game's publisher, and tell them how cool BGA is, so they can give us an authorization to have this game here :)

It really helps, so please do it! You can send them the following link that explain everything they need to know:!gamepublishers

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