How make these "universal greetings" in chat?

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How make these "universal greetings" in chat?

Post by Robo65 » 07 September 2019, 17:33


sometimes I find that players from far east, who don't have my language (DE) in their language list, greet me with "Viel Glück und viel Spaß", and some other standard texts. In another forum posting, I found a reference to a "translating feature" that one could use to translate "gg" to something different.

But - what is this? Where can I configure this? How to use it? I didn't find any information.


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Re: How make these "universal greetings" in chat?

Post by Ankeszu » 07 September 2019, 19:45

In the chat window, there is this meeple. Click on it and you will see the messages in your website language - if you click any of these, it will be sent and each person around the table will see the message in the language they use.


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