"first edition rules" warnings

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"first edition rules" warnings

Postby dhnyny » 10 November 2017, 03:47

Among the options are two special scoring rules, one for the value of two-tile cities, the other for scoring fields. The defaults are the "international rules," the alternatives are "first edition rules." The choice between the two sets of rules has a huge impact on the game. Indeed, it's so significant that at the beginning of a game using "first edition rules" a big red warning box is displayed to tell players what rule set is in force.

There are two problems with how these rules are handled. First, if the "first edition rules" have been chosen, that change from the default should be visible in the Game Lobby, just like when an expansion is selected. This may well have been a mistake. But it should be easy to change since it's already possible to have other alternative settings show up in the Game Lobby listing.

Second, if using the "first edition rules" is such a big deal that a big red warning box is needed, that box should be displayed (or some other prominent warning) before the game begins, so that players don't get stuck playing a long game with an alternative set of rules. Because once the game has begun, it's too late to back out (without receiving penalties). This may be harder to implement than my first point about how a game is displayed in the Game Lobby.

My guess is that the vast majority of games of Carcassonne are played with the "international rules." If that is indeed the case, the option to use "first edition rules" really should get just as prominent display as the option to use an expansion.

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Re: "first edition rules" warnings

Postby Liallan » 10 November 2017, 10:19


At least the part about displaying it the same as you would an expansion. And I don't see any reason not to do this, because there are other games that have alternative rules that are displayed in the lobby, not just expansions. That was probably just an oversight for this game.

As to making sure it's displayed more prominently than that so players don't get stuck with something unexpected, I'm not sure I see any reason to make this particular thing more prominent than anything else. It's already possible for a player to get stuck with something (rule set, expansion) they didn't expect if they aren't paying attention to what it says in the lobby, so if this gets fixed in the lobby, it will be equal with everything else.

(Granted, it might be nice, especially for newbs, to have things like that more prominent on all games in the lobby, but that's not Carcassonne-specific.)

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