Turn-based feature request (re: out-of-turn play)

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Turn-based feature request (re: out-of-turn play)

Post by TensorosneT » 04 September 2021, 19:12

There really ought to be an option for asynchronous games which allows you to play others’ special cards. Maybe it is configurable, maybe it is always on for turn-based. It can be very frustrating to need another player to play a card out-of-turn, but they never will because the BGA platform won’t direct them to the game when it isn’t their turn. This *seems* like the simplest solution.

Failing this, it would be nice to have the ability to ping a player so that the game appears in their “turn at table” list (out-of-turn) so that they can be made aware of an in-game situation with which they could help. This might be a more generally useful tool across multiple turn-based games, but is likely more challenging to create.


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Re: Turn-based feature request (re: out-of-turn play)

Post by Salvidrim » 05 September 2021, 02:53

Chat messages pop up when out-of-game (for example on your game list or elsewhere on the website) so that's usually the best way to coordinate for turn-based Forbidden Island out-of-turn special card plays.

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