Turbo mode?

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Turbo mode?

Post by crowdor » 25 December 2020, 19:57

What does turbo mode mean?

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Re: Turbo mode?

Post by dma-sc » 30 December 2020, 17:32

It means all words are guessed at once by each player, not one word at a time.
After all people express their guesses, all words will be revealed and the resulting points given.
So it's faster on turn based games.

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Re: Turbo mode?

Post by Markell » 27 April 2021, 01:57

I find Turbo mode is great for TURN-BASED Haiclue but it's awkward in real-time Haiclue.

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Re: Turbo mode?

Post by vigorousRoll » 27 April 2021, 20:41

Myself, I like standard mode when you get prompt feedback after a guess. You're up to speed with all the nuances that were swimming around in your head when you made the guess and you're in better position to make adjustments to your own thought processes or how best to "translate" a particular player. But when you're playing in a large group and 11 guesses get revealed at once, a lot of that gets lost in the soup...you don't even remember what you were thinking in some cases. Fatigue sets in too when you have to string together all that guessing without taking a break to evaluate some feedback.

it also dampens the sense of suspense when everything gets revealed at once, imo. That suspense is part of what makes the game enjoyable.

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