50 players.

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50 players.

Post by RicardoRix » 29 October 2020, 13:57

Should the default maximum amount of players really be 50 ??

IMO to setup a table correctly I specify the exact amount I require.
Clicking the very tiny small - button 47 times is annoying.

Also any games starting with so many players is VERY likely to fail due to a player timing out. If you intentionally want a very high player count, then fine, but that should not be the default.

~5 would be better.

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Re: 50 players.

Post by ViolentSilence » 29 October 2020, 18:27

Don't most games default to the maximum player count on first being set up? Then remember your table setting for later games? I thought this would basically fix itself as people either set their own maximums or just restricted table access to friends/groups. The bigger problem feels like the maximum number of players is just clunky to adjust in games with a wide player range, so if someone wants to opena big table occasionally, it's a lot of faff changing each time. Maybe it's something that could be done as a game set-up option - a small game would be open to 8 initially, medium game up to 24, with a big game open to 50? Then if people wanted to tinker further, they likely wouldn't need to spend as much time adjusting.

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