ELO for close games vs. skunkings

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ELO for close games vs. skunkings

Post by Bexclamation » 12 August 2021, 21:13

I'm not sure if this is something that can be changed specific to cribbage or if it's just the way BGA works, but it looks like the change in ELO after a game is based only on the players' relative rank going in, not on the final score. I just played the same opponent twice in a row, with one win each, and so my ELO ended up right back where it started - but the game I won was a skunking, and the game I lost, I lost by one point. Seems to me it would be more realistic to improve the ranking more after a blow-out victory than a nail-biter!

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Re: ELO for close games vs. skunkings

Post by ufm » 12 August 2021, 23:07

Sadly ELO cannot reflect any detailed aspect of games but only player ranking (essentially win/loss in 2-player games).
This is not limited to BGA Cribbage. Whether a win be a narrow victory or a total domination, both count as a win nonetheless.

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