Early game strategy

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Early game strategy

Post by Romain672 » 28 April 2021, 02:44

I would like to talk about the strategy in during the first few moves.
You start. That subject end when you finish your second turn.

What do you check? What do you move?

Here is some of the starts I wanna talk about:

Just choose a color.
You check the two tiles with a square on it. Depending if they are similar or not, you will move the card who start one of two line of the same color:
- one lead to the two cards to be next to each other: it's if they have the same color.
- another one lead to the two cards to not be next to each other: it's if they have a different color.

There is already lots of interresting stuff out there.
The thing I really dislike about the red, which is the most common and the most straightforwoard (outside of the red into move 1,1 into 0,2 if they have the same color, which just remove the link between 1,1 and 1,2 so who just seem bad) is that it achieve nothing.
You saw two cards and move, and doesn't know what to do afterward.

In the blue one, which is my personal start (but I really like all the 3 others), it has as a goal.
If they are similar, you get a nice surrounding of unknown card you can work with.
If they are different to setup the view of the 4,3 the following turn which will be 43% of the time one of the color first seen.
If it is similar, you can deep into the middle to try to find a third one, and lock them. Sometimes all 3 by putting even a 3-color hint, sometimes by having two group of 2.
If it is different, that's pretty awkward, but check something far from it, and try to put one of your 3 color seen next to it.

The green one is awkward if they are similar, but still not too bad.
If they are different, it setup nicely a view of 2,3 and 1,4 which completely gave you lots of liberty.

The yellow and pink one have for goal to open a place on the center.
If the first hint draw is a single color, others players can use it by putting a single color hint with a card they move in the middle, which seem pretty good. The next player will check the surrounding of it, to try to move one of the wrong card somewhere else most of the time.

You could mix the blue or green with a card in the middle move. I will try that in my following games.

Thoughs? :D

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