Switch Arena Mode to 3 rounds

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Re: Switch Arena Mode to 3 rounds

Post by SamHellerman » 07 September 2020, 20:37

Just adding my voice to the chorus. 1-round is creating huge swings game-to-game. I think that by the time you're competing in the top 50 a game result has become pretty close to a coin toss.

3-round would smooth that out, but there's something else I haven't seen anyone mention here yet: there's an entire element of the game's strategy that is just missing when you play a single-round game: the ability to very carefully fine-tune your level of aggressiveness based on how far behind you are. Players who are very good at finessing that balance deserve to ascend the ranks.

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Re: Switch Arena Mode to 3 rounds

Post by GDC » 05 January 2021, 09:10

I don't play arena because it's only one round and there's too much luck involved.
Maybe we could put this to a vote or maybe try it for the next season?

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Re: Switch Arena Mode to 3 rounds

Post by Smeg » 08 January 2021, 02:07

3 rounds are the game's official rules, it doesn't mention playing 1 round at all, not even as a variant so not sure why it's even an option.

When the game ends, each player’s columns of cards are scored. Write down the number of points obtained by each player, shuffle all cards, and once again give each player eight cards for the next game. The player who has more points begins. If after three games you have the highest overall score, you win.

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