Blue Skies in Arena

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Blue Skies in Arena

Post by CptPugwash » 18 March 2021, 13:26

For the love of God PLEASE make this a 4 player game in arena.
4 player is a far more satisfying experience.
3 player is just so short, removes 90% of the skill from the game, and is nearly always decided by the random airport drop at the end of round 1.
If a player gets a favourable drop at the end of round 1, then assuming they aren't a complete moron there just isn't enough time left in the game to recover @ 3-player.
I just don't understand why anyone prefers 3-player

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Re: Blue Skies in Arena

Post by sweetandcool » 21 March 2021, 05:29

Huh, that's strange. I rarely have found that a good drop in the first round results in a clear winner. Maybe I am a complete moron, and/or my opponents are.
While I agree that playing with four players is more fun, it's already hard enough to find three players in arena. I would not like arena to be completely dead, thank you.

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