question about game 36499960 turn 1

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question about game 36499960 turn 1

Postby RistonMesand » 04 January 2018, 05:12

Hi all!

I'm frightfully brand new here, but I've clearly found my home! I'm loving it! The games are quite competitive, and most folks are super friendly! I really like the interface, too!

Anyway, down to business. Would anyone please review game 36499960 for me? In turn 1, my opponent silvenfire played 2 development cards. He chose both explore and develop. I chose other things.

Does he get to play 2 development cards in this case? Because, he did. Also, they cost 5 total. The bonus brings the cost to 3. He didn't discard anything, though. How did he play them at no cost?

edit: mercy, how about a link to the game!;

Thank you for any insight, fellow gamers! :D


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CB Droege
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Re: question about game 36499960 turn 1

Postby CB Droege » 04 January 2018, 10:42

Something does seem screwy, but I think the issue is with the replay? It shows them playing the two development cards for free for no reason (they actually seem to have chosen Explore and Develop, not two develops) on the first turn, but then it shows them playing Colony Ship again, on top of the one already in their tableau on the next turn, which is, of course, not a thing. But they still don't pay for it. Then on the next turn, they play a Tourist World, and they still don't pay for it BUT the player card shows their current hand is 3, while the visuals shows their current hand at 6... I think the replay is bugged.

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Re: question about game 36499960 turn 1

Postby Nanaki404 » 04 January 2018, 10:51

This looks like a display bug.
Those 2 developments are still in the player's hand, but somehow appear on board...

The log does not display any development play, and the card count in hand/board on the top right corner correspond to those 2 cards still being in hand.

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