Starting Race for the Galaxy

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Starting Race for the Galaxy

Postby joshg06 » 02 August 2018, 20:23

When I start the tutorial it says I need to discard 2 cards yet no matter how many different combinations I try it always gives me an error message stating I need to play the cards indicated by the tutorial. Well the tutorial doesn't say which cards to discard. I tried playing a live game yesterday and I had the same issue. My opponent just said to click on the cards I didn't want but that didn't work either. Can someone explain how this works. I've played the game many times in person but it's been a while and I've never played online. Please help.

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Re: Starting Race for the Galaxy

Postby RicardoRix » 02 August 2018, 20:57

not sure this is something you can get wrong. As suggested you just select 2 cards, I don't even think there is a confirm button, a lot of actions in RFTG just auto complete when you've selected the right number of cards.

If you have an iffy internet connection then things can not go smoothly because almost every action you do requires confirmation via the game server. Hitting F5 never hurts to reset the game state.

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Re: Starting Race for the Galaxy

Postby N_Faker » 02 August 2018, 21:13

First click on a homeworld (under 'MY TABLEAU') you do not want, then click on cards in your hand (under 'MY HAND') that you do not want.

Selected cards have a red border.

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