Alien-Artifacts-with-orb tournament

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Alien-Artifacts-with-orb tournament

Post by m10rost » 15 October 2020, 10:45

I would like to organize an unofficial Alien Artifacts with orb TOURNAMENT as follows:
8 players will play at two tables, 4 players at each. Tournament according to a variation of the Swiss system. There will be 5-6 rounds in total, i.e. each player will play 5-6 games. In the first round, the opponents at each table are randomly determined. The winner of the game gets 4 points, the second place - 3, the third - 2, the fourth - 1. In the second round, the strongest players according to the results of the first round play at the first table. The weakest are at the second. In the third round: the first table - the four players with the most points in the first two rounds, the second table - the rest. Etc. Based on the results of all five (six) rounds, the winner will be declared the unofficial ALIEN ARTIFACTS KING (QUEEN) of the season.

We now have 6 participants for this tournament and need 2 more brave players to join us!
If you wish to participate, please notify me by a personal message.

(5 or 6 rounds: If a winner is not clearly determined after the fifth round, the final sixth round will be played).

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