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English to English Translations

Post by shadowphiar » 25 January 2021, 10:52

There have been a couple of requests to change some of the text strings in the game, concerning the Ornament Grinder component. At the moment I have rejected the proposal, because I don't want to add the new verb "remove" that is no used anywhere else in the game. I admit that currently I am slightly inconsistent between the use of "trade" and "discard", but I don't think remove is any clearer.

The rule book does mention "remove" in the note which clarifies that these tiles are not returned to the supplies, but since the interface also does not show that discarded sources return to the supply either (e.g. using Anthem Organ) I didn't think that the banner text for Ornament Grinder needed to word anything differently.

However I'm happy with the idea of changing the wording of "non-basic component" to "tile except basic source" and will make a change along those lines.

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