Dragon's Lair -- your feelings?

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Re: Dragon's Lair -- your feelings?

Post by Wonderful Plays » 15 April 2021, 20:16

wakeywakey wrote:
15 April 2021, 11:50

Opponent took Dragon Lair, Alchemist Tower & Catacombs.
I rinsed Tree of Life + Ring of Midas to grab Pyramids, Statue and a 2 pointer.

Lair is very strong, but not unbeatable.
I'd say grabbing Alchemist is a waste. Should have focused on pyramids earlier.

And my argument is not that it's unbeatable, it's very beatable with athanor and philo stone strats, but my point is that there are boards when it is the best strategy and then whoever can grab it 1st turn just wins the game on the spot.

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