Expansion And/Or Scaling Rules

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Re: Expansion And/Or Scaling Rules

Post by Shadock38 » 03 April 2021, 19:45

Well, that game is great, and any expension more than welcome ! :-)

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Re: Expansion And/Or Scaling Rules

Post by federspiel30 » 14 September 2021, 21:01

I did not see this posting, so i set one to the same issue. Sorry.

I don’t know if such requests are recognized by the developers but I think they are not allowed to extract parts of the rules, even
If there is is a good reason. And in addition, anyway, they would never risk to distort the balance of a game against better knowledge.
I mean, nobody can exclude the possibly of unfinishable games, when such restrictions are made.

Therefore, I am afraid we have to wait for the whole expansion here at BGA.

By the way: I never played a game, where I appreciated an expansion that much. I have a copy of Res Arcana plus L&T expansion and would not play without the expansion anymore.

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