Missing features, suggestions

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Missing features, suggestions

Post by winoora » 01 May 2021, 10:01

Very nice, thanks!!
1, The animation is somewhat too slow. It could be speeded up a little.
2, When the capture is 100% secure (e.g. you need to roll one point with one dice using enhachements) could be done without rolling the dice.
3, The dragon weapon I miss. It is when you have a strike of 3 cards in the same color and then you need to roll 6 points with 2 dice to capture any dragon.
4, Strategic variant I miss, with 2 open adventurers to choose from alternatively to the pile.
5, The field for the dice could be smaller (mobile version)

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Re: Missing features, suggestions

Post by Bhaichata » 07 May 2021, 09:34

Adding my suggestions here too:

6, Ability to reorder your hand by Sword, Stomp and Scream (ie., Number Order, Like Numbers, Like Colours)
7, See the dice roll total required once both adventure and "Landscape" item/creature selected. (can be placed on the selection button or in a #/#/# format)

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