[b]bold[/b] "wizard" and "jester" in the played card log

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[b]bold[/b] "wizard" and "jester" in the played card log

Post by zingadoodle » 11 September 2021, 06:19

It would be easier to read/scan the played card log if jester and wizards were in bold.
Other cards show up really clear (with the suit symbol being in colour, etc.) but it is sometimes hard to see if and how many Jests and Wiz's have been played by scanning the log.

Should enhancement requests be made in the bugs section?

Also, I know the cards in-hand are similar to the "real deck" but I find it easy to mix-up jesters and wizards in my hand. If Wizards could be RED that would help differentiate them.

Interested in hearing what other's think?

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