Starvation strategy abusers

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Re: Starvation strategy abusers

Postby Liallan » 06 December 2017, 14:04

Flemingr2002 wrote:So If people are willing to use starvation, other players should collaborate and imediately join forces to win the same city slot each time, thereby ending the game quickly and not allowing the starvation player to build enough points in time. this colluusion strategy is about playing for teh common good over self interest. in the actual stoe age, the selfish tribe member would be banished or shunned as in a collective action by the village. I propose that all of us non-starvation players should use this strategy. has nayone tried this yet?

Plenty of people have tried and know ways to help beat starvation. There's a gazillion posts on this: ... on-strateg ... still-work ... cracked-be

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Re: Starvation strategy abusers

Postby Flemingr2002 » 17 December 2017, 04:31

More on Starvation. Its a question of the spirit of the game. I love playing it and now my fun has been taken a way by people who don't respect the spirirt of the game. so yes i will probably stop playing but i not until i rebel against starvation.

My strategy has worked well so far. i've managed to make sure that the starvation person does not win and i have been coming in second so my elo is unaffected. I think others should join me to also play within the normal rules to work together to punish starvation players and not worry about who wins. we can make sure to take the love shack, take any hut cards and meeple cards before the starvation person can get them and we can drill down on one hut slot so the game ends early. or we can all just play starvation as early as possible.

eventually starvation players will stop using the strategy when it becomes less fun -- just like the game is less fun for me, now.

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