Starvation strategy abusers

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Re: Starvation strategy abusers

Post by Flemingr2002 » 29 April 2019, 01:20

Well I was one of the anti starvation people, but over time i learned how to beat it - not always but often enough where it does not bother me so much anymore. I think my problem is with the game design itself. these games are supposed to be simulations and that is why i like them. Therefore, the penalty for not beiing able to feed your tribe is should be the loss of one meeple. To the contrary, i've also been seeing the mega tribe where a player max's out meeples and food until they have a super power. I've seen many good player use this strategy and this seems to make sense in the simulation --

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Re: Starvation strategy abusers

Post by eoc » 15 May 2019, 12:16

Flemingr2002 wrote:
29 April 2019, 01:20
these games are supposed to be simulations
And here I thought they were supposed to be games!

(Another point for my argument on how a different framing of the same mechanics could have avoided lots and lots of player complaints, as detailed here)

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