Stone Age: The Expansion

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Stone Age: The Expansion

Post by Inaofr » 08 February 2021, 19:08


I'm pleased to announce that Stone Age: The Expansion is now available in beta.
Please find the rules here: ... _rules.pdf

Also new:
- the official classical meeples were added and now are the default for summer board. The legacy meeples are style available (may be selected in the preferences once the game is launched),
- a new preference allow to highlight the meeples to make them more visible if needed (off by default, you can choose to highlight in white or black or let automatic, that is to say white on summer board, black on winter board; the highlight is not automatically adapting to trader board on winter board),
- building bought by each player are now visible to everyone. This was needed as some buildings might now be used each turn once bought,
- board is now resizing to fit the screen if more space is available. To save space for board bought buildings and cards are not resizing. You can disable resizing in your preferences.

Some implementation notes (please check them before reporting a bug):
- the trader board doesn't exist with winter graphics, so you will have a mix of summer and winter if you play with winter board,
- the tie breaker rule is unchanged (total of people, agriculture levels and tools; trade levels don't count),
- on hunting grounds, automatic validation of production is disabled as the player have to choose how many food vs jewels they wants.
- in a five players game, up to five players might be on the same resource spot,
- in a five players game, five figures will be required to drive off a wild animal,
- each time you gain trade levels (one or two) you also gain two jewels but if you already have ten trade levels, you don't gain jewels.
- you can not trade an item again itself. For instance, if you have a trade level of 9 or 10, you may trade two to one but you cannot trade a jewel for two jewels, or a wood for a stone and a wood.
- you can trade even if you could buy without trading.
- you can not trade to buy an igloo (The Expansion rules are saying that you can trade only to buy a card or a building; the igloo expansion rules are saying that igloos are not building),
- paying an extra stone with harsh winter is possible only for building having the +stone symbol on winter side, no building of the expansion have it,
- if Harsh Winter is on, you may spend an extra gold for 6 points while buying a card with jewels. This apply only to the card visible, it doesn't apply to the card you might bought face down after.
- if you buy a civilization card with jewels, you may gain jewels from it and you may use these new jewels to buy a card face down. This is the opposite of what I have coded for Harsh Winter, where you may gain gold while buying a card but you can not use that gold to gain 6 extra points. The reason is that for harsh winter I interpreted the rules as meaning that the extra gold was to be paid before receiving the card bonus, so it must be owned before buying the card. In The Expansion rules, it is clear that you buy the first card, gain it bonuses, then decide to buy an extra card or not, so any gained jewels might be used.

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Re: Stone Age: The Expansion

Post by KongKing123 » 09 February 2021, 17:30

Great work, thanks!

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Re: Stone Age: The Expansion

Post by solal » 24 April 2021, 14:36

This expansion is very pleasant to play but
it takes very more time to choose the options when you're playing
(do i buy a jewel, how many ? or exchange ? or etc...)
and so, i've been excluded 2 times !
Can you extend the delay for playing please ?

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Re: Stone Age: The Expansion

Post by Inaofr » 24 April 2021, 15:37

If you create the table, you can choose a time option giving more time to everyone.
The delay is automatically computed by BGA from the average time players are taking to play. I do not know the formula used, and even as Stone Age coder I can not do anything about it (it is not handled in the game code but in the BGA code, which I can not access).

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