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Post by zdepthcharge » 17 October 2017, 02:23


This user quits games at the end. This is user has a rank of ZERO and yet the system says this is the users first game. It was quite evident from the game play that this user is skilled enough to use the starvation strategy without fumbling through the UI.

Reporting this user seems to do nothing. Can that user IP address be banned please?

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Re: Cheating

Post by N_Faker » 17 October 2017, 08:38

Site rank may not reflect ones skill, there is no cheating in this.

Most won't play with him anymore anyway, because of his low karma and frequent quits.

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Re: Cheating

Post by Liallan » 17 October 2017, 10:01

N_Faker wrote:Site rank may not reflect ones skill, there is no cheating in this.
Exactly. I'm not sure why this would be hard to understand. Not that I'm any expert at Stone Age, but I already knew it (and several other games) before I ever joined here. I tend to expect new members to start with games they already know and somewhat ignore their ELO. (Not that he looks too impression, but "cheating" on Stone Age isn't the issue.)

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