Show next building tiles after purchase

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Show next building tiles after purchase

Postby Reubs1 » 07 December 2017, 22:21

Currently, during the action phase when a player buys a building, the next building tile is not revealed until the next round. I believe the rules say to reveal the next building in the stack right after the purchase is made.

I know that it probably isn't a big deal, as this only affects the action phase in which not many player choices are being made, but I was recently in a game where that information would have been beneficial for me.

(It was a two player game, and I was sitting on a bunch of building bonuses. On the action phase, I was second player. First player had bought a building already, and I was about to buy one of those cards that give everyone items based on a dice roll. So I had first pick of the items, but I found myself in need of knowing what the next building tile was, so that I could make the best choice.)

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Re: Show next building tiles after purchase

Postby Liallan » 09 December 2017, 07:54

You are correct that that is what the English rules state, at least it is what my rules (Z-Man) state, and I also have a pdf of the 2008 RGG version that says the same thing. But I don't think a lot of people know this rule correctly. I could only find one thread on it on BGG, and someone also said the German rules said this. There may be a version which does not - it's not like those rules have been without mistakes and differences.

Because so many people seem to not know this rule, I wonder how many people would be upset if it were changed. (Although it does seem appropriate to follow the rules correctly.)

Now all that said, I can play either way. Usually it won't make a difference, though sometimes indeed it can. When I play/teach this, I always let my fellow players make that choice for each game. A couple of the people I play with the most seem to like it better not revealing them.

If I got to pick for myself, I'd probably pick not revealing them, simply because I can't really find a good reason for turning them over. It's the only information that gets revealed smack in the middle of someone's turn in the middle of the resolving phase, where the current and following players get to see it and prior players do not. Somehow it doesn't "fit." (I suppose you could argue that everyone gets to see the resolutions of all prior players and it's just part of turn order.)

I suppose an option would be useful but I don't know what time/effort that would take and I'm not sure if it's worth it at this point. One thing to consider is that everyone is in the same boat.

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