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House Rules

Post by JackHH » 04 August 2021, 12:53

What house rules have people thought of / played with IRL?

I think a popular house rule with some of the players on here would be the literary award scored independently of other players (i.e I score for my longest word even if another player got a word longer than that)

(By the way I am not requesting these be made, just asking out of curiosity)

Some other house rules I think that would improve the game:
Remove / Tweak some cards
The 2 that come to mind as being ridiculously overpowered at the Romance M which costs 2 and lets you dump, and the Horror P which costs 3 and gives you ink/eraser. I'd either make these letters which are less easy to use in words (like K or V), or increase the price to 5 for each of them

More flushing
If fewer than 5 distinct letters of the alphabet are available in the offer row, allow the user to flush. The existing rules on flushing are great, but one thing they don't solve is when the offer row has three Js and two Xs and nobody wants to buy anything.

Unfair starter decks
B and H as starter cards is crazy hard compared to D and O, for example. The latter pair are way more handy for building words. One idea to make this slightly better is to deal the additional start cards face up, and then in reverse turn order, the players each pick one card, and then in again in reverse turn order, the players pick a second card. For example.
- Alice (first player) Bob (2nd player) and Charlie (last player) start a game.
- DOUHBY dealt face up as the 6 starter cards (each player already has LATRINES in hand)
- Charlie chooses O
- Bob chooses U
- Alice chooses D
- Charlie chooses B
- Bob Chooses H
- Alice chooses Y
- Each player then shuffles their 10 card deck and draws 5, and the game starts with Alice.

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Re: House Rules

Post by ufm » 05 August 2021, 09:58

- Remove / Tweak some cards

Definitely some cards are overpowered. I can think of basic trasher openers which provide money (M, H, A, N) or new Horror H.
But Horror H requires 7c, and basic trashers lose value as the game progresses (they are best as openers but meh during mid-endgame).
Horror P, it is the cheapest basic remover source, but it's not at the level of 'brokenness' I guess.
The card provides only 2 points, and P does not mix well with other rare consonants.

However, I'm not certain how much tweaking is needed without tipping the balance.
Purchase/Play and Win/Purchase list similar to Agricola's would solve the problem, frankly it's a pipe dream though.

I thought of Dominion-like solution (ignoring feasibility):
Players may buy 1 copy of each card, and an offer card is removed when each player has bought 1 copy of them or by jailing.
Flush cannot override this restriction (thus flush may replace fewer than 7 cards) unless all players agree upon removing a certain card.

- More flushing

Not sure about this one. How many times does that situation happen after all?
Wouldn't that overlap with other flushing conditions frequently?

- Unfair starter decks

Everybody would agree on this one. Random starter cards need a fix to even the scales.
Draft seems to be a great idea, like draft 2 of 'player number x2' or '(player number+1) x2' (in 1~4p).
Mirror starter deck could be another alternative, but it is not physically possible irl (not enough components).

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Re: House Rules

Post by fr13day » 01 September 2021, 07:08

The worst with starter decks is when you draw 5 $-letters, buy a Y . . . and then see you already have a Y. (Or B, or what have you). We should at least see what our starter point cards before they get shuffled and your first hand is drawn.

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Re: House Rules

Post by ufm » 01 September 2021, 08:24

I think checking the deck before drawing opening hand is allowed. Even the developer agrees, but didn't implement this yet somehow.

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