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Post by stalker87 » 06 August 2017, 09:09

Why in puerto rico when it asks me to chose a good to load i cannot do nothing everything i clicked on said cannot do that action... and in the end got kicked from the game LOL

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Jest Phulin
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Post by Jest Phulin » 06 August 2017, 10:25

Either a bug, or...

Loading goods (Captain phase) requires 2 clicks.

First, select a ship. This is done by clicking on the ship card.
Second, select a good. This is done by clicking on the good icon in your scoring area. If the ship already has goods on it, you must select the same type of good. If the ship doesn't have goods on it yet, you must select a type of good that isn't on any other ship already.

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Post by Liallan » 07 August 2017, 06:59

You couldn't do the 6-barrel ship because you didn't have any indigo. You only had corn, so you needed to select the 4-barrel ship, which you did do right at the start. Then you needed to click on your corn - not on the supply, but on your goods in your player area. If you did that and it didn't work, that's a bug. I don't know if you clicked on the supply instead or thought the corn would move automatically. It doesn't do anything like that automatically even when it's the only move you can make. Follow the action bar up at the top, which is telling you what you need to do.

Since all of your changing back and forth is in the game log, I think it's obvious you were having trouble, either with understanding the rules (you can't pick the 6-barrel), or with the interface. Your opponent should have asked if you were having trouble with something. You were obviously still there trying to do something and not disconnected or gone. I guess it was easier to leave and win the game.

For future reference, if the interface is new to you (even if you know the game), play a non-ELO game of it first, and you can always say on the chat that it's your first time on here and to please excuse trouble you may have with the interface, or something like that.

All that said, right now you do not have a good reputation because of too many abandoned games, and these are not all ones that are new. (Like Through the Ages, you have 2 games right before an abandonment. Although I'm not seeing where you ever went over the 3 1/2 minutes allowed.) I don't want to make assumptions without knowing what is going on, but you do need to try to do something about that. If you have questions or need help with something that isn't working, make sure you ask.

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