Engineer action when all irrigation spots are already used

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Engineer action when all irrigation spots are already used

Post by junibegood » 14 December 2020, 18:55

In a recent game (table 126797130, move 290), I picked an engineer action, and realized only afterwards that all irrigation spots were already used, so I could not place a cube anywhere. BGA decided that because I didn't place any cube on the board, I shouldn't get the 2 points either.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a rule I don't understand well. So before I create a bug report, I'd like to know the opinion of fellow Amyitis players about this situation. Here is what I checked so far :
  • The rules don't mention this situation explicitly
  • The general rule about the engineer action says : "The player places one of the cubes from his supply onto one of the available irrigation areas in the garden and scores 2 prestige points". This means that you gain the points after you place the cube, but doesn't really say that you can do the latter only if you did the former.
  • I didn't find any official FAQ
My feeling is that one should win the 2 points in this situation, because otherwise the engineer action becomes pointless. Any thoughts ?

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