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Suggestion: Auto Pass

Post by agent99 » 22 July 2020, 14:47

If a player has no legal move, such as 1 card and no bombs when an opponent plays more than one card, the game should automatically Pass that player without the player being involved.

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Re: Suggestion: Auto Pass

Post by nandblock » 22 July 2020, 20:28

I don't get the impression the developer is still updating the game--it's an older implementation.

An autopass for obviously impossible moves would indeed be nice, though top of my list would be clearer scoring, better tracking of cards, and the ability to sort your hand freely (e.g. to shove the bombs to the side to avoid playing them).

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Re: Suggestion: Auto Pass

Post by nfuf » 09 December 2020, 05:31

This might be nice, but obviously only for plays that are impossible because of the number of remaining cards in hand.

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Re: Suggestion: Auto Pass

Post by tchobello » 09 December 2020, 19:59

the problem with auto pass occurs near the end of a game :
when playing a turn by turn game, your opponent plays all his combinations, scores enough points and the game is over.
you come back and need to watch all the replay to see how the game has ended.

and more over... if there is no auto pass, you get some information about your opponent's cards...
you play a pair of 9. no auto pass...
your opponent passes anyway.
you know he has at least a pair above your 9s...

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Re: Suggestion: Auto Pass

Post by RicardoRix » 09 December 2020, 20:41

I agree the auto pass is not always the best option, but you could have a checkbox option to use it if you like.

It would be perfectly safe to adopt: If you have less cards in hand than the current trick is being played at.
BUT if you have >=4 cards in hand, you also need to take into consideration any kind of hidden 4-card and/or JQK bomb combination.

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