RULES for how many rounds after a player passes

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RULES for how many rounds after a player passes

Postby alecrim » 16 September 2017, 00:37

So... I have a doubt about the rules. I know that if a player passes, than there are 10 rounds until a great battle. Or is it 10 turns?

That is, in a 2 player game there's no argument, 10 rounds equal 10 turns after someone passes. But in a 4 player game, all against all, after a player passes will each other player play 10 times or 3 times? Or worse, will 2 of them play 3 times and the player that has his turn immediately after the one that passed 4 times (making it 10 turns total = 4+3+3)?

Would anyone care to enlighten me? In the table!gamerev ... e=32972281 in Move 46 Mactrixx passes, and in move 64 occurs the great battle, meaning that Rudimus played 4 times, alecrim 3 times and bzbzh 3 times (in the last one passed).

Isn't it unfair? This is an adaptation of tournament rules if I'm not mistaken. But in tournament rules you'd play at most 2 against 2 in teams, so it's not like I'm being affected by a third party, if not by a member of my own team. I'm happy that we can play a 4 player game, all against all, and I'm for having a round limit after someone passes, since that seems to have proven as better, but that shouldn't unbalance the game for the remaining players. In this tabble I mentioned, I might have won the game but I lost that great battle and, ok, in this example, one more turn wouldn't mean anything, but it's easy to imagine a situation in which it might make a difference.

Do the rules we use come from somewhere else or are they an adaptation? If they are, we might as well adapt again to these new circumstances. Any opinions? Thanks for reading.

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Re: RULES for how many rounds after a player passes

Postby bak2 » 23 March 2018, 14:33

The rule for a 3 or 4 players game, is:

As soon as a player PASS....others playes will play 10 turns max ( 5 turns each if 3 palyers game / 4,3,3 if 4 players games)

It will NEVER be 10 turns per player !

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