amulet creation after turn end?

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gnocchi donkey
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amulet creation after turn end?

Post by gnocchi donkey » 24 March 2021, 01:02

i got a tricky spot. i have read rules and have game. hw boradgame arena interprets is different/ you can raise a treasure at ANytime in your turn. but in the rules it goes about how treasre sharing and player ends turn. THEN in II it goes ofer the amulets. if i give a clue that lands the tresuer on oponents spot will he be able to get amulets created after he gets tresure without moving?

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Re: amulet creation after turn end?

Post by diamant » 26 March 2021, 14:07

You can only get amulets at the beginning of your turn, or on the occasion of a move you make as step with your normal turn action.
In the latter case, it does not matter whether the amulets appeared during your turn or during a previous turn. Thus, you will never be able to get more than 4 amulets during any of your turns.

To my knowledge, the Tobago rules are correctly implemented on BGA. To better understand them, I advise you to get on internet the flowchart that details everything you can do during a game turn of Tobago.

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