Some Pandemic open issues

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Some Pandemic open issues

Post by aghagh » 15 August 2021, 12:04

Here's a list of some of the currenlty open issues for Pandemic I find important / useful / interesting. Feel free to support.

- Lobby

Indicating set-up options in the lobby
It's very useful for players to see the setup of tables before joining. This is technically possible, as it has been done for many other games.
Info to be included:
- Introductory / Standard / Heroic
- Secret hands / Open hands
- Random characters or not

- Dashboard information

Wrong info on top of decks (counters / city lists / epidemic cards left):
This information is important to make decisions.

Indicating chances of drawing an Epidemic card:
Players can calculate whether they have a 0%, a 100% or something in between chances of drawing an Epidemic in the current turn. The interface could easily take care of this and display it somewhere.

- Visuals

Chatbox hiding map:
How many times has Sydney exploded on you because you forgot about her due to the chatbox?

Yellow erradication not visible enough

- Logging

More info on infection cards back into the deck:
After drawing an Epidemic all infection cards in the discard pile get reshuffled and it's currently cumbersome to rebuild the list.

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