Suggestion: add an undo action

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Suggestion: add an undo action

Postby -L1- » 04 August 2017, 13:55

Example of a situation:
I have a red die, which I want to use for the Diplomat. I select the diplomat, I pay 6 coins, take a citizen come from my general supply at the cost of 2 influence points, only to conclude that I have 0 Influence Points left. I cannot undo the complete action of clicking on the Diplomat, which results in the loss of my red die.
Yes, it's stupid of me to not think of the needed Influence Points, but this makes me want to quit the game, since 1 action is very important and can make or break the game, and not being able to undo is very costly and harsh, too harsh.
Would you mind looking into the possibility to add an undo button?

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Jest Phulin
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Re: Suggestion: add an undo action

Postby Jest Phulin » 04 August 2017, 21:54

This has been discussed several times before, with various games.

First, within a very short period of time after a game is released, modification to the code stops. The original developer will normally fix bugs, but it is difficult to convince volunteer programmers to add features that are not necessary to game play. Having a new developer add to someone else's code is also highly difficult.

Second, adding an undo button is not a trivial matter. Game components are loaded into the browser, then moved to the appropriate position. This causes complications when trying to make an undo.

Third, when discussed before, members of this community who voiced an opinion did not like the idea of an undo for the situation you describe. While misclicks are frustrating (and people agree that undos would be nice for that), poor planning of the outcome of an intended move was not justification for an undo.

Long story short -- there are higher priorities for developers than adding undo buttons to existing games to forgive players for poor planning.

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