Dragonheart expert variant

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Dragonheart expert variant

Post by Faedur » 11 March 2018, 16:27


I would suggest an expert variant for Dragonheart I use to play with:
- Each player is able to play up to three cards each turn but not necessary of the same picture and in the order of his/her choice. The effect is triggered just after each card played.
Of course, the hand is completed only at the end of the player's turn.

More rules can also be added to deal with this variant like:
- seven cards in hand instead of five
- exception for drawfs that can be played 4 in a row
- only one common deck for both players (the 2 decks are shuffled together)
- etc.

Thanks, kind regards.

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Jest Phulin
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Re: Dragonheart expert variant

Post by Jest Phulin » 11 March 2018, 23:08

There was a reason to post this in the general suggestions as well as here? :)

But, see the full response there. BGA tries to only have official variants, not house rules implemented.

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Re: Dragonheart expert variant

Post by ndrak » 01 December 2020, 09:57

I agree with the common deck!

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