Saboteur 2: Discard 2 to remove 1?

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Re: Saboteur 2: Discard 2 to remove 1?

Post by Tokoloshe79 » 26 February 2021, 18:30

MoiMagnus wrote:
23 February 2021, 09:43
Tokoloshe79 wrote:
23 February 2021, 02:07
I don't understand this either. When playing Saboteur 2, if you select 2 cards it says you discard 2 but reduce your hand size by 1. However this doesn't happen; it's exactly the same as discarding 1 or 3. You simply get the same number of cards back again.

Can someone explain what is supposed to happen? And why would you be punished with a smaller hand for discard 2, but not 3?
There are 4 possible discard:
  • Discard 1 to draw 1
  • Discard 2 to draw 2
  • Discard 3 to draw 3
  • Discard 2 to draw 1, reduce your max hand size by 1, and remove a card in front of you
To achieve the last option, it is very important to not click on discard (because it will perform the second option), but instead click on the card you want to remove.

Got it now - thank you!

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