Saboteur No.1

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Saboteur No.1

Post by Mensanos » 24 May 2019, 08:13

Dear Developers,

Why did you place a player in No.1 of the Saboteur game????????????????????????????

It is very difficult in this game to reach even the 400 points and you put a bot player in No.1 position with over 500 points?????????????

This is unfair and you should erase this player!!!!!!!

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Re: Saboteur No.1

Post by eoc » 24 May 2019, 10:25

The main content of your post, in decreasing order:
  • Punctuation marks
  • Unfounded allegations
  • Serious misconceptions
Even if there was a problem, and I'm not inclined to put in more research here, do you believe this presentation of your case leads to people becoming sympathetic to your case, to investigate and to possibly do something about it?
Please honestly answer this question for yourself, and additionally maybe consider if you were in the position of whomever you're trying to address here – would you say that the opening post provides enough information to carry out action?

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Re: Saboteur No.1

Post by Een » 24 May 2019, 10:57

Also, this player closed his account, so he'll disappear from the rankings after the usual inactivity delay.

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