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Re: New trophy design

Post by souly4 » 02 July 2019, 18:52

Similarly to some time ago with the bigger + round avatars, I would like to revise my initial statement a little.

I actually do find the new icons pleasing now, it's really that surprise/shock effect when you've been familiar with seomthing for several years and see no acute necessity to change it. But while this is enhanced with the ability to learn/process information quickly, it also means that you will re-condition the old pattern more easily. The first few times, when I would click the trophies page I would be irritated, but meanwhile it has sinked in.

You already promised a continuing overhaul, but I praise some ideas in this thread how to optimize the trophy design further (incorporating the points on the icon which you got for the trophy, or what Silene suggested with the dice). Maybe you can keep these in mind to work with :)

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Re: New trophy design

Post by vigorousRoll » 02 July 2019, 21:04

souly4 wrote:
01 July 2019, 17:11

The former were totally fine, in design and shape. Squared seems a lot more natural and intuitive to my eye...
This expresses my sentiments pretty closely. The squares of the trophies matched the squares for the game icons and I had accepted the color scheme. These new badges clash badly with the game icons - it's like having to watch someone walk down the street decked out in striped trousers and a plaid shirt.

Part of the fun of checking out an opponent's profile page was to take a look at all their trophies, with the distinctive art of the badges for the tourneys they'd won. Now, as charace said, these really are gone now because I am not going to be taking the time to move my cursor under each badge so i can see the artwork.

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Re: New trophy design

Post by nandblock » 02 July 2019, 23:11

FWIW I like the new trophies. They look a lot cooler.

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Re: New trophy design

Post by eoc » 02 July 2019, 23:39

Something else I noticed: Trophies for winning a tournament look very different from the second- and third-place trophies for the same tournament. Instead of showing the text "#2" and "#3" in the trophy, how about using the fairly well-known winners podium as mental model for the icons? You could display the same three "steps" of increasing size underneath the tournament-trophy, representing [2nd 1st 3rd] place, and highlight the one that you reached in [silver gold bronze] respectively. Example image of such a podium:

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Re: New trophy design

Post by senatorhung » 03 July 2019, 10:28

will take me awhile to get used to these new icons. since they are sorted in prestige order, they are hard to parse at a glance.

perhaps they could be re.ranked so that all they appear in type order ? so your ELO rank can always be the first one, followed by victories, followed by games played, followed by tourney trophies ?

following eoc's comment, for the tourney trophies, could you use the current design for the winner of each tourney for all the tourney trophies ? then use a gold pip (or tiny meeple ?) above the trophy for first place, a silver pip to the left of the trophy for 2d, and a bronze pip to the right of the trophy for 3rd ? that will still keep the user.generated tournament trophy logo in the middle (and a bit larger for those of us with older eyes). you could also keep the numbers 1,2,3 instead of the pips, but it would be easy to parse the results at a glance, especially if all the tourney trophies are side by side. the background colour then might reflect the type of tourney - round robin, swiss, elimination - i can't figure out what the background colour currently represents for tourney trophies.
(EDIT: looking at ... the background colour of the trophies is an indication of how many prestige points the trophy is worth)
anyway .. the user-designed trophy images should also 'fill up' the cup in the middle if you keep the cup .. but i would almost dispense with the cup and just go with the 3 star locations.


i find using stars for both victories and most victories to be a bit problematic. looking at all of them, it is easy to distinguish first victory, from 10th victory, from top10 victories, but it might be a challenge looking at a player profile to figure it out without hovering (which kind of defeats the point of the icon if you ask me). if it were up to me, i would just keep the stars on the hex border for the best player trophies, and just keep the single solid stars without the starred hex border for top victories. then, for ongoing victories (1st, 3rd, 10th, 20th, 50th, 100th), would it be possible to just use the number above a stylized V or triangle that parallels the bottom vertex of the hex ?


the bunnies are fine for most games played, but could we have the numerical value overlaying the dice for the total games played ? so keep the dice outline and the 5/6 faces, but have the 4 face obscured with the actual trophy value (5, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500) ?


for the trophies with the numbers, they could all be changed to have a single distinctive background colour (different from the current ranked ones), which would help them distinguish them from the other trophies.
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Re: New trophy design

Post by EmpressGeek » 04 July 2019, 13:10

I only just noticed these today and I have to say I think they look really boring. Before I could see the trophy pictures at a glance and it made my profile look rather spiffy. Now you have to hang over the image to see them and it all looks very generic and nondescript. 😴

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Re: New trophy design

Post by Otithes » 05 July 2019, 01:57

I second what charace said: the images on the trophies don't show up when you mouse over on the game table (before starting a game). That's a shame.

Also, taking what some of the previous posters said and running with it... how about putting the image directly on all the trophies, and making the trophies themselves gold/silver/bronze colored? This would solve all the problems in one fell swoop. No more need for the awkward image display underneath the trophy. No more need for the awkward #2/#3 on the trophy image. All you'd need is the trophy itself in the correct color, with the tournament image on it. It would look so much cleaner and would be more intuitive to read.

I do like the trophy with the image on it, that's a good change. Looks fancy. It just would benefit from being fine-tuned a litte.

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Re: New trophy design

Post by Nessa » 05 July 2019, 07:08

I quite like Otithes's idea. Changing the color of the trophy depending on place instead of having the image under the trophy would be great. The image under the trophy is unpleasing to look at.

If you don't like the idea of changing the trophy colors, you could simply put a number 2 or 3 either above or next to the trophy.

I also dislike how small the tournament icons in their trophies are. You should make the icon appear larger than it currently does in the trophy. There definitely looks to be plenty of room to.

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Re: New trophy design

Post by Chris CR » 06 July 2019, 00:42

A bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond colors scheme or something similar is the ideal, like we had before. The new one it just seems to me to a bunch of colored hexagons and I don't get the feeling that one is better than another and this makes me lose the incentive I had before to play more to get better tropies. Also the top 20, 10, 5, best player where very good, the new ones are very meh. Its my opinion, I'm not saying we cannot change to better designs but this one compared to the previous is much much worse for my taste.

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Re: New trophy design

Post by sandyk » 07 July 2019, 05:42

trophy uniqueness has been taken away...not a fan

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