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New game page

Post by sourisdudesert »

Dear players,

As you know, last year we started to set up important changes in the BGA UX to make it more modern, intuitive and easy to use.

After the new player panel (top right), the new friends panel, the new design for the mobile version of BGA, the new rich search bar, and the new games list, we are happy to introduce the first visible step of the future "Game page" today, the page that gives you information about each game.

The components of the page have been visually reorganized to make them clearer and more accessible on all devices. The goal of this first step is to give you information and media that inspire you to try each game: videos, images, a description, and so on.

For now, the page does not have much more functionality than the previous one, so you should be familiar with most of the elements displayed on the page. However, the page is much more adapted to the size of your screen, whether you have a very large screen or a small smartphone.

The page also makes it clearer what the two main actions that you can do are: Learn and Play. It also gives priority to Tutorials for learning games, when they are available.

For now, this page is not 100% optimized for the games you already know/have played. This is why we are only talking about a "first step" for this page: the organization of this page can be easily changed depending on the context, and our intention is to provide you the most useful information first depending on how you are playing each game.

However, we chose to move forward because the page is already much better than the previous one and because we need your feedback to improve the page and make it even better. :)

The best now is to try it yourself!

We are happy to see that, despite some difficulties during the latest changes, you are already familiar with our new pages. Your feedback was greatly appreciated and allowed us to improve these new pages a lot, especially the latest one (new game list), so we would like to thank you for this!

As we said in the previous months: this is not the last update, and more changes are coming to BGA to make this service faster, more intuitive, and easier to use. Changes are always difficult, but to see you using this service more and more is our best reward.
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Re: New game page

Post by thoun »

That's nice!
Do you plan in future update to make categories for links? "base game rules", "solo rules", ...
For example, if there is a link for french "base game rules" and another for english, as a french player, english one could be hidden.
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Re: New game page

Post by Mealsy »

I'm not sure if it is related to the update....
I can no longer play games and get the below message:

An important BGA module could not be found, and your game cannot be loaded.

You should try refreshing this page.You may also try to switch to another language (English) as it may solve the issue.

Finally, if none of these work, please do the following : press F12, click on 'Network' on the new panel, press F5, take a screenshot, and report a bug.

I tried taking a screen shot however, when I try to report the issue nothing happens....
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Re: New game page

Post by thoun »

It's not linked. It happens sometimes, and if Ctrl+F5 doesn't work, try with another browser or empty your browser cache. If any of it works, the problem is on your browser.
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Re: New game page

Post by Cassidee »

I couldn’t get to a new game I was entered into. I’m on iPad. I refreshed several times n reloaded both times I got same msg.
Screen shot.
Got there. As yet I cannot enter a game.
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Re: New game page

Post by csuk »

Hi, nice new look of the Game pages. Just an idea - perhaps it would be handy to put the rules summary module closer to the Rules section on top - as simple html summary is more accessible than the full pdfs, I imagine many users would appreciate this.
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Re: New game page

Post by Egla49 »

Hello !

Thanks for the website, really great moments !

I can’t find the tutorials buttons on new games page.
For example for you say in last news that it has an available tutorial but I don’t see where it is ?
I’m on the application on an Android tablet.

Thanks a lot 😁
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Re: New game page

Post by PhilAtLast »

Love it!
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Re: New game page

Post by Cheery Dog »

I don't like it. Somehow you've made it even busier than it used to be.
I'm not sure if I'm just against change. But when I never used the game pages before, I don't think I'm going to start using them for anything now.
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Re: New game page

Post by gx6gustavo »

Good changes, but where is the button "game already going"?
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