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swap2 rule

Postby Drumbsd » 23 October 2017, 11:31

Hello, what do you think about the implementing of swap2 rule of gomoku on this site? And furthermore, a board 15x15 could be better.

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Re: swap2 rule

Postby warrenchen » 20 December 2017, 23:58

Agree for smaller pad, since the conceal might be useful.
Does swap 2 means no double-3 with no barrier connected?

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Re: swap2 rule

Postby ufm » 26 December 2017, 19:38

swap2 rule, which is a variant pie rule for gomoku, is currently used as the opening rule for pro tournaments.
Check this link: http://renju.net/media/showrule.php?rule=11

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