The implementation screws every new player

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The implementation screws every new player

Post by Calmon70 » 18 September 2020, 09:07

How is this game delivered without any 'undo' features but requires implementation inside knowledge to play it?

It completely screws player playing it first or even second time.

And yes I'm talking about the prestige table and using a column left of the actual prestige you selected. How should you know that you need to click on the lower column field instead of the one you want to advance? Its only because its implemented this way but there is no warning and no way back once you clicked on it. The only thing you can do it 'do nothing' and have a bad feeling.

How is this not fixed/warned/undo? How this went through any QA?

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Re: The implementation screws every new player

Post by nandblock » 21 September 2020, 19:41

It's one of the earlier BGA implementations, so it's less sophisticated in interface. I agree it could be more user-friendly, but I'm not sure it's still being updated by the developer.

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