Enchantments & Special abilities

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Enchantments & Special abilities

Postby Madmaze » 24 June 2018, 11:06

Hi all,

I've played quite a few rounds of the Seasons base game on BGA now, and I recently moved on to the expansions, after reading the detailed rules for both expansion packs (Enchanted Kingdom + Path of Destiny). However, once I began playing, it seemed that a whole part of the expansion was missing:
- additional power cards are present as expected, but...
- Enchantment cards are not
- Special abilities neither
I even played with a BGA Seasons veteran, who told me he had never heard of the latter two.

From what I gather from the rulebook, Special abilities are single-use powers randomly given to each player, and an Enchantment card should be drawn randomly at game start and will bend or add some rules for the whole game.
See 'Path of Destiny' rules for some examples: https://images-cdn.asmodee.us/filer_public/49/47/494767fb-3d75-4fa3-a7c8-8990a78ba7eb/seas03_rules.pdf

Were those two features purposefully not implemented on BGA? If so, is there any plan to include them in the future?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Enchantments & Special abilities

Postby DrKarotte » 24 June 2018, 12:56

I'd like to know this, too.

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