Can you fix Naria The Prophetess ?

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Can you fix Naria The Prophetess ?

Post by JulienTT » 27 January 2021, 23:35

Thanks a lot for the implementation of this great game.

The Naria card is bugged, however. The original card says: Draw as many power cards as there are players. Put one of them in your hand and give the rest to other players. (See description at the bottom)

The way it is implemented is the converse: you first give cards to other and then get the last one. This is so frustrating when one start by giving away the best card :lol: :lol: !

If you can fix this, it would be great !


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Re: Can you fix Naria The Prophetess ?

Post by Signy33 » 30 April 2021, 21:15

Haha, i've made this mistake maybe half a dozen time :lol:

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Re: Can you fix Naria The Prophetess ?

Post by failedatquittingBGA3 » 02 May 2021, 15:42

You can vote for the bug, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is updating the code for Seasons these days as it has been around for a while.

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