iPad tooltip display

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iPad tooltip display

Post by Carluccio8080 » 27 February 2021, 01:13

Enjoying this game a lot but because the card images are low res I have to rely on hovering over the card and reading the tooltip. This is fine on PC but on iPad the tooltip doesn’t display (you can’t hover on touchscreen).

I’d really like to play this on the iPad so does anyone have any suggestion?

Also I’m pretty new but I see there was an iPad app but now it’s gone, what’s the story with that?


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Re: iPad tooltip display

Post by peyou64 » 23 May 2021, 07:58

Same issue on iPhone. The Card display isn't always working, it's a bit annoying when you don't know very well the cards. I only play turn per turn on a computer now, impossible in real time from my iPhone.

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Re: iPad tooltip display

Post by federspiel30 » 27 August 2021, 17:37


I use a ipad and can also not read the text on the cards. Its a pitty. Would love to play the game.


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