Possible glitch in Jaipur.

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Possible glitch in Jaipur.

Post by IceAngelX » 02 August 2020, 20:57

Has anyone had an issue playing a game, and near the end it resets to the beginning? We were possibly 1 or 2 moves from the end of a game of Jaipur, and the game is now completely reset. I tried to submit a ticket, but all it does, once the table # is put in, is give an option to reset, but no option to submit a ticket or explain what happened.

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Jest Phulin
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Re: Possible glitch in Jaipur.

Post by Jest Phulin » 03 August 2020, 06:40

This should be moved to the appropriate forum, either the Jaipur forum or the general Discussions forum. This sub-forum is under the "Non-BGA topics" header, and it most definitely applies to BGA.

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Re: Possible glitch in Jaipur.

Post by Een » 05 August 2020, 14:45

Moved topic to the Jaipur forum. Not clear what happened though. Maybe just going to the next round?

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CB Droege
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Re: Possible glitch in Jaipur.

Post by CB Droege » 08 August 2020, 14:56

Jaipur is always played to two wins (turban tokens) The turban is awarded when either the cards can't be replaced, or when three goods piles are run out. Did you perhaps finish a round and someone got a turban without realizing? It can go pretty quick, since it's automated, and this game doesn't stop to show you what it's counting the way Carcassonne does.

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