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Sell Interface Suggestion

Post by Jontia » 27 January 2021, 23:47

When attempting to sell batches if goods I have (way too many times) misclicked or doubled clicked my way into selling less than my full set of a good.

If when selecting cards from hand the UI defaulted to selecting all matching goods then this would be less likely. When attempting to trade, selecting first from the market would negate this default and individual cards would be deselectable.

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Re: Sell Interface Suggestion

Post by Firadeoclus » 01 April 2021, 15:31

I agree, the interface is prone to mis-clicks, and until quite recently(*) it was difficult to spot such a mistake.

My suggestion to improve the interface would be a bit different. The two main issues are
- all but the top cards of the stacks (hand and camels) are very narrow click targets. This is especially tricky when using a touch screen.
- you have to select cards individually (despite cards of the same colour being interchangeable) and then visually check that you have selected the right number.

I'd suggest putting a row of buttons above the cards, up to 7 for the hand and up to 5 for camels. The buttons would be of equal size and possibly square, containing a card colour and a number. If in your hand you had 3 spice, 2 cloth, 1 silver, 1 gold, plus 3 camels, the row of buttons would be:
[1 spice] [2 spice] [3 spice] [1 cloth] [2 cloth] [1 silver] [1 gold] -- [1 camel] [2 camels] [3 camels]
matching the order of cards below.

If you click on any non-selected button, that button becomes selected, and with it the corresponding number of cards of that colour will be selected.
If you click on a selected button, that button becomes deselected, along with all cards of the corresponding colour.
If you click on a card, the button selection changes such that the buttons corresponding to the currently selected cards are also selected. So selection stays in sync both ways, whether you click on the cards or the buttons.

This way you only need to click once to select any number of cards of one colour. The same system could be used for the market, but it's not as important there as the click targets are always the full card size.

(*) Thanks to the developer for the recent change of making the selection outline wider! Much appreciated.

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