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ELO Ratings

Post by Bonhoeffer85 » 28 September 2017, 16:25

Would someone explain how ELO is calculated in Hearts?

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Jest Phulin
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Re: ELO Ratings

Post by Jest Phulin » 28 September 2017, 20:30

ELO calculation in Hearts, or in any multi-player game on BGA, works as a group of 2-player matches.

The ELO system was developed for chess, and as such, was designed with only two player competitions in mind. To extend it to multiplayer, each game is treated as a combination of several smaller games.

Players A, B, C, and D play a game. A gets the best score, followed by B, C, and D (in that order).
Each player will have been considered to have played 3 games.
A wins against B, C, and D.
B wins against C and D, and looses to A
C wins against D, and looses to A and B
D looses against A, B, and C.
In the game summary, the individual results are not displayed, just the total results.
This system encourages people to still try for the best score/position, even if it isn't going to be first.

For a full explanation of how the ELO system works in general, try the Wikipedia page.

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Re: ELO Ratings

Post by Beorn » 30 September 2019, 17:14

"This system encourages people to still try for the best score/position, even if it isn't going to be first."

This encourages players to play not to come in last so as I have heard players say, "I still good ELO points".
It encourages players to not play for first and be happy with second place. To throw a person over the end game score and take second or even third. Games should be played to win and a person playing for second or third is in my opinion not a good hearts players. Should not encourage players to play poorly and the ELO rating system does just that.

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Re: ELO Ratings

Post by RicardoRix » 30 September 2019, 23:59

There is an option to turn ELO off. Training mode.

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