Hearts acquired not displayed

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Hearts acquired not displayed

Post by CaractacusPots » 04 September 2020, 18:53

Ok well I've played Hearts for many years and never have I come across any version that doesn't display the penalty cards that you have taken so far.

You need to know what hearts have gone and the total number of penalty points you have acquired so far in the hand.

The game here doesn't show you the cards. First instance of that I have ever come across.

Am I the only person that finds this odd?


This version of the game is not for me

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Jest Phulin
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Re: Hearts acquired not displayed

Post by Jest Phulin » 06 September 2020, 09:35

I have never played it live where players have shown what hearts they have taken. At most, the question "have hearts been broken?" is allowed and a truthful answer must be given. Also, the last trick taken may be revealed at a request before any other cards are played. But to know how many each person has taken is up to each player to remember. Looking back through past tricks (even the ones I've taken) is expressly forbidden, unless I am accusing someone of cheating (playing off-suit when they could have played the suit).

Since this site prevents that form of cheating, there is no reason to allow looking through the hands to gain that knowledge, and any other information. It is up to the individual to remember what cards have been played. This mimics the live play better.

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