Takenoko variants

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Takenoko variants

Postby Faedur » 10 April 2018, 18:46


I would suggest some variants for the original Takenoko game in order to make it more or less strategic.
Feel free to comment and/or to add suggestions. I hope BGA could improve some of them.

- First, we have to consider that on BGA we play actually the advanced variant.
This one prevents a player from drawing an objective card already completed on the board game (plots and farmer objectives only) and makes the player draw again.
In the standard original game, if a player draw so, he/she achieve his/her objective and earn points consequently.
This prevention is described as an "advanced players rule" in the book.

- Second: irrigation system improved.
This variant makes a player pick 2 irrigation channel instead of 1.
Irrigate plots takes long and makes objectives hard to achieve, though the action to put it on the board is free.

- Third: pandas also need to pooh.
This variant limits the number of bamboo sections in panda's belly of each player.
At the end of a player turn, if there are more than 3 (or 4 or 5?) bamboo section on his/her board, he/she must choose to discard some to keep maximum 3 (or 4 or 5).
Regarding that panda objectives need maxi 3 bamboo sections, this prevent players from cumulating.

- Fourth: versatility required.
In this variant, a player cannot complete more than 3 objectives of the same category. He/She can have picked more but would not be able to complete more. A card in hand of the maxed category could be discarded if hand size limit reached.
That forces players to play on different fronts.

Thanks, kind regards.

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Re: Takenoko variants

Postby Faedur » 11 April 2018, 00:22

This topic only refers to Takenoko rules variants.
For more discussions about the game, see https://fr.boardgamearena.com/#!forum/v ... =9&t=10993

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