Bug or not...

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Bug or not...

Post by V3R0N1K4 » 20 November 2018, 23:37

I really start to get mad at my "luck". How come I always get green eating pandas, give only 3 points and I have had them like 4-5 in my hand. That is not like nice. And so last 6-7 games...it´s very frusturating, I would like to get some variety :x And every game, I start to take panda cards, I only get green ones. This game is so unbalanced this way :(

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Re: Bug or not...

Post by yoyote » 21 November 2018, 14:06

There are more green panda cards than yellow than roses than multi.
Then it's normal to draw more green panda cards than others.
If you want to have more better objectives, you should draw more panda objectives ;)

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Re: Bug or not...

Post by skhpldk » 09 March 2019, 05:19

I've played this game quite a lot and it seems like the best strategy is just to take a lot of panda cards and eat a lot of bamboo. Seems unbalanced to me because that's pretty easy while a lot of the plot and gardener cards are harder but don't give you many points.

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Re: Bug or not...

Post by dudi2 » 09 March 2019, 13:11

Using your strategy of taking panda all the time I lost many games against high ELO players. So there is definitely a strategy that ist better.

To me following strategy seems to be best:

- At 1st quarter of the game take plot objectives, as it is enough time to fullfil them during the game.
- At 2nd quarter of the game take panda objectives.
- At 3rd quarter take gardener objectives.
- At 4th quarter take panda objectives or gardener depanding on the game situation.

For sure it is good to finetune the length of these preferences.

Normally all time you should have a combination of several type of objectives in your hand.

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