Player stat area overlaps gameboard.

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Player stat area overlaps gameboard.

Post by Luriis » 05 December 2018, 04:50

When playing on a phone the player information areas on the right extend across the right part of the gameboard. Covers up starting area and about a tile in from there. Ive tried several browsers in Android and all have the same issue. My group I was playing with also had the same problem. Doesn't happen on a computer just phone and maybe tablet, haven't tried one yet to verify.

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Red Nebula
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Re: Player stat area overlaps gameboard.

Post by Red Nebula » 05 December 2018, 11:21

You can report a bug and vote existing ones on the bug tracker here ->!bugs You can find the link this page also in the main page of the forum. Adding a screenshot to your bug report can be helpful as well.

Using the bug tracker to report a problem instead of the forum is important because this way the developers only have to look into one place to know what are the existing bugs. The developers are not going to read all the forum posts in search of bug reports (and it would be very time consuming to them).

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Re: Player stat area overlaps gameboard.

Post by Justinenj11 » 10 May 2020, 03:55

Why is this not fixed when it was posted 18 months ago?? I can't play the game and I can't quit or I lose karma so I'm just stuck in a turn by turn, passing every turn, until I can resign. VERY irritating.

Greg Peck
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Re: Player stat area overlaps gameboard.

Post by Greg Peck » 07 April 2021, 09:11

I just discovered this game and it seems really interesting, but the very first thing I noticed when I started playing was this problem. This game cannot be played on mobile devices because you can only see (and use) half the board. That really is a very major issue.

I checked the bugs page and it looks like this problem has been reported as least three times:
- November 6th 2015
- May 8th 2016 (most recent comment from Feb 2021)
- July 24th 2020

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