A reason to lose at Quoridor on purpose??

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A reason to lose at Quoridor on purpose??

Postby fr2mdln » 28 February 2018, 18:09

A certain player seems to be capable of beating many of the best opponents, yet consistently loses to beginners and low ranking players, even conceding games early on that would be won. These games look very suspicious. Kind of fake moves. Could even be playing himself??

Is this player gaining something by keeping his score down? I really can not make heads of tails from it. And I lose quite few points when I play him, as his ranking is so low. Life would be better if I could at least beat him!! Intrigued at least.

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Jest Phulin
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Re: A reason to lose at Quoridor on purpose??

Postby Jest Phulin » 28 February 2018, 23:42

There are two possibilities that I see.
1, some of the games are teaching games. They make a bad play on purpose, to show why it is a bad play. Normally, teaching games are suggested to be with ELO off, but not everyone follows that all the time.
2, they want the thrill of beating mid-level players. If their ELO says they are a poor player, they get more plays against mid-level players looking for an easy win (vs if their ELO showed mid to high level). The world is full of strange people, and this wide web catches a lot of them.

You can always write a personal note about an individual, which will be displayed back to you when both of you are at a table. You might suggest playing with ELO off if you are worried about losing several points to someone whose stated ELO doesn't match their playing ability.

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