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Improvement Suggestions

Postby TigerEyeVA » 19 September 2018, 23:42

I'm new here. I'm sure this has all been said before, but I thought I'd stoke the fire again because it's not really Backgammon in its current state.
In order:
1) Host should be able to set points needed for a win. Gammon and backgammon coding may need to be added. (It's unclear if gammons or backgammons affect ELO currently)
2) Need a doubling cube option.
3) Should be able to take back first move.
4) Game is incredibly slow at the moment.
5) Option to turn pip count off?

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Re: Improvement Suggestions

Postby ReelMcKoy » 08 November 2018, 21:03

I agree very much with the idea of item 3 in your list. Many times, I've mistakenly moved while just checking positions. Very frustrating when you can't undo an error.

I would like to know what the thinking behind item 5 is. Why would it be of interest to a player to turn off the pip count? (I'm not that experienced with Backgammon)


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Re: Improvement Suggestions

Postby Een » 08 November 2018, 21:24

Hi and welcome!
Backgammon has been adapted by a volunteer developer who is not around anymore. For now, no other developer volunteered to take over.
If a developer is a Backgammon fan and wants to give it a go, he may register on BGA studio and contact me to get access to this project.

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